BJP doesn’t want to win Nungba AC in the upcoming Manipur Assembly 2022!

Who will win Nungba AC 2022 election? Who will win Nungba AC 2022 election?

Nungba Assembly Constituency (Nungba AC) has 5 potential candidates this coming election to be held in March 2022 in Manipur. Shri Gaikhangam Gangmei, the Congress veteran has won 5 times since 1984!! His continuous winning in every election speaks for itself. People of Nungba love him. Period. He has solid 10k votes as per the historical voting pattern in Nungba AC and is on his way to easily win for the 6th time! Here's why:

BJP being in power both at the centre and the state, every other politician in all the assembly constituencies of Manipur is seeking a BJP ticket this coming Assembly Election 2022 in Manipur. Nungba AC is no different when it comes to seeking a BJP ticket. Three candidates are actively seeking a BJP ticket this time around namely; Shri Mathiupuang Gonmei, Shri Gaidon Kamei and Shri Dinganglung Gangmei (Dipu) IAS. Each of them has a great profile and an impressive resume!

Shri Mathiupuang Gonmei quit his job as an Assistant Registrar (IGNOU) and joined politics in 2016-17. He fought for a BJP ticket previously too and surprised everyone with 4k votes as a newbie LJP candidate while Shri Adim Pamei (BJP) secured just 5k votes. Only if Shri Mathiupuang Gonmei had gotten the BJP ticket in 2017 and Shri Adim didn't stand, he would have given a tough competition to the Congress veteran, Shri Gaikhangam Gangmei. Mistakes were made by the BJP party leaders and this time too, they are making the same mistake again! Will Mathiupuong get a BJP ticket this time? If he doesn't get the BJP ticket again, he will continue to fight the elections as an independent or using another party ticket such as LJP and this is a problem for BJP as vote share would be divided.

Shri Gaidon Kamei was the President of the  United Naga Council (UNC) which is the apex body of the Nagas living in Manipur. He has an impressive profile as a capable Naga tribal leader and is also a close associate of the current CM of Manipur, Shri Biren Singh. Would he get the BJP ticket? If he doesn't get the BJP ticket, will he stand using another party ticket like Shri Mathiupuang Gonmei did in 2017 or stand as an independent candidate or will he step down before the elections so as not to divide the vote share and give a fighting change for a BJP-win? The verdict is yet to be out.

Shri D. Gangmei (Dipu) IAS is a well-known face in Nungba AC as an MCS officer, promoted to the IAS rank who recently resigned voluntarily to fight in the coming elections. He has a lot of supporters in his constituency, there's no doubt about it. He is known as a generous donor amongst the people of Nungba AC. However, it was under everyone's impression that his resignation would not be accepted. It was assumed that the BJP ticket would be given to either Shri Gaidon Kamei or Shri Mathiupuang Gonmei and let him continue with the good work he's already doing as an IAS officer but now that his resignation is official, he has a chance for the BJP ticket too. This resignation complicates the win for BJP since he will now fight in the coming Manipur Assembly election 2022 with or without a BJP ticket and cut the share of the vote bank. 

Shri Micheal Dhangmei, bro-in-law of Shri Gaidon Kamei has a few hundred supporters as per the rumour going around in the Nungba AC. Until something drastic or a miracle happens, Shri Micheal Dhangmei chance of winning this election is very slim! Even if he seeks a BJP ticket at this juncture, it is unlikely that he will get a BJP ticket. What does the future hold for him? Only time will tell. We have seen political newbies making grand entrances and he might just prove everyone wrong!

Nungba AC has about 25k voters with about 75-80% turnout as per the previous voting data which means there will be about 19k to 20k voters who would be voting. Shri Gaikhangam already has solid 10k votes and so the 4 above candidates would divide the remaining 10k votes. Either way, it's the easiest win for the Congress veteran in Nungba AC in the upcoming Manipur state election 2022.

Now that Shri Mathiupuang Gonmei and Shri D. Gangmei (Dipu) IAS will fight this upcoming election at any cost while Shri Gaidon Kamei and Shri Micheal Dhangmei may still stand down with persuasion from BJP leadership, it still is great news for Shri Gaikhangam Gangmei as he's already celebrating his 6th victory.

​What can BJP do to win Nungba AC election in 2022?

Give the BJP ticket to one of the above 3 candidates and ask the other 2 candidates to stand down and offer whatever needs to be offered. It's going to be very expensive but that's the price to pay if BJP wants to win Nungba AC in 2022.

BJP Govt has hired political consultants and advisors and probably knows this?!

Yeah! but maybe BJP wants to teach the 3 candidates a lesson as they fight amongst themselves and lose? Perhaps, these 3 candidates will learn to co-exist and live to fight another day? Will never know!



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