3 Tinder tips for Indian men to get more matches


Before you start on using Tinder, know that Indian girls use Tinder and recommend it to their girl friends just for the sheer joy of rejecting Indian men. How do we match and get ahead of this "game" where the Indian problem of a surplus men is real?

What made you think I'm any better or why I'm writing this blog? Let me explain. I have a classmate from IIT Delhi who makes over Rs 15 lakhs/annum and never had any girlfriend in his college days. If you look at him, he's the definition of the most innocent guy; he's the kind of guy every girl wants to marry and spend the rest of her life with but there's a catch. However, innocent and decent he looks, he has a darker side like every other guy. He asked me to help him with Tinder. I tried.

Let me guide you as I've guided him got a few matches and his story is just the beginning. Unlearn everything you know; this blog is your religion, the playbook to your life, the exact rules to follow so the sun could rise on your turf.

1. To begin, let's talk about your profile picture

My friend is a good looking guy, really smart and has almost everything a girl wants except that he's not very approachable in person. Typical IITian. Upon seeing his profile, I noticed that he has put five pictures. All selfies; one taken at home with his parents (this is not so bad), taken in his car, with two girls as background while they mind their own business in his office like a creep, in the gym and a group picture!! The biggest mistakes in the book of Tinder. Girls like to see a normal guy. Not a guy without a life or friends to take pictures of him.

What did we do? We change all his pictures. His first picture was of him with blurry mountain showcasing himself as a smart sophisticated guy and has an air of approachability and friendly looks followed by a picture taken at a rooftop bar in Hauz Khas village with a beautiful backdrop. The rest were decent pictures of him taken by friends with decent backgrounds. NOT a selfie. It should never be a selfie unless it's a great selfie :D

2. Change the job title and college name!

He didn't update his facebook job title and didn't even add his college. So the corresponding Tinder title came to "a shitty old job + a random school" nobody heard about. We changed that to his latest job title which is pretty fancy and obviously, added IIT Delhi as his college. Yeah, girls may get turn off or so they say but deep down, the brand name suggests, "stability". I know it's not a great marketing tactic but let's get real. Girls who aren't in their teens look for future securities and not some boys with 6 packs. Okay okay.. I'm kidding on that one as long as the guy doesn't show his body at a gym as a piece of meat with no brains attached.

3. The profile bio on Tinder! The toughest of them all.

How do we set ourselves apart from thousands of men from the girls who loves to swipe left and reject men as their hobby? How do we stand out in the crowd? Most girls I've spoken to on Tinder said the same in unison, "You have 3 seconds to impress me after I click on your picture. If you look like a super star, that's a different story but if you are just above average looking guy without the profile bio, that's a guaranteed 99% left swipe".

You are in India and most girls are very conservative even on Tinder and their only purpose is to reject you. So, keep it short and sweet. Make it known that you are a simple, fun, unassuming and sociable guy. Don't brag and it's not okay to be superficial as a guy. Think from the girls' perspective while writing about yourself. Short but enough to build a curiosity. A fun, outgoing, adventurous guy is a plus in every girls' Tinder book.

4. If you aren't getting matches after doing everything possible mentioned here, don't get disheartened. Give it time. Perhaps, ask a close girl/guy friend to help you edit your "resume" on Tinder. There's no shame. Really. When your parents can put up your name in the newspaper classifieds, what's wrong with this one, right? Be on Tinder and Proud.

5. Once matched, don't act too desperate to meet her and have your way. Most Indian girls on Tinder aren't there for what you think they are there for. Remember that most of them are on Tinder to reject you and laugh at your expense. So be nice. Try to have a normal conversation. Give her a chance to ask about you too. You are doing it wrong if she's only replying to what you ask. Pivot Pivot Pivot. It is essential to give her time and get her to ask about you as well. If she responds with only one word answers multiple times and doesn't show much interests, simply writing something like, "One word answers.. I seem to be killing it today :D" or "One word responses.. I'm usually not that boring :P" always help. Be super patient, stay cool and don't try too hard. She owes you nothing.

Let me conclude by saying this; If the conversation is going great, set a plan to meet up. Don't wait too long. People in our lives would come and go as per their will and convenience. Don't have hard feelings if they unmatch you and very importantly, don't get too attached to anyone easily. If they say "no", don't dig further. A No is a No. Respect that.

Happy Tindering and good luck finding someone special :)

Edit 1: A girl friend asked me if we really do this much to get matches on Tinder?! She was shocked :P 

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