Repairing a Macbook Pro in Delhi

​I got a copy of the Lion OS (Genuine? Who cares!) installed from and finally installed Windows Office licensed by my college network. My macbook pro got burnt out after I charged it using low voltage electricity in Imphal, Manipur during the month of December 2012. After burnt another hole, Rs 16,500.00, I finally got my ma...
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Startups from IIT Delhi students

NOTE: This article was written sometime around 2012 and may not be relevant anymore! IITians and their passion for startups! The best mind of the country together under one roof and been taught time and again to look beyond the horizon, it's inevitable. Sure, the money isn't much but looking at few startups making a kill in the market is always so ...
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Imphal, Manipur – A desperate cry

THJC-MANIPUR-FUEL Photo Courtesy: TheHindu
A bomb blast killing a young girl and injuring 5 others in the capital city of Imphal the other day didn't make the headlines anywhere in India. It's heartbreaking to see that the media and the government have left my people high and dry. A city surrounded by seven scenic hills is a beautiful valley and we called it Imphal. It is a unique city with...
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Home sweet Home - Imphal

​​That very comforting feeling about being at home finally as I stepped off the flight is always so powerful. The drive back home looking out to my people as they go about their business is not. Shouldn't my people know? I'm Ningning Niumai, a B.Tech engineering student from IIT Delhi. I am home in Imphal finally.. "IIT What? You mean ITI? IIT, Is ...
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Tamei - Tamenglong, Manipur

Tamei, my home sweet home. I spent my early years there until the war broke up between the Kukis and the Nagas where bloodshed and death was becoming more of a natural cycle with the events repeating itself every alternate day. At times, your favourite uncle would be alive and buying you sweets and before you realize it, his name's engraved on a st...
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Liangmai Nagas in Manipur & Nagaland

Liangmai, the name of my dialect and tribe is spoken by all the Liangmai Nagas with different accents in different villages spread across many districts in Manipur and Nagaland, India. We are about 40,000 in population as of the 2001 census. Interesting as it may not sound to you but I'm a guy from Tamei and if someone from Thalon speaks to me in L...
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Imphal Manipur - the forgotten land

​Imphal was once called the Switzerland of India for its scenic beauty with seven hills surrounding it. The weather is awesome and so is everything else. It is still very beautiful if you can ignore the kidnapping, extortion, killings, extremely dusty, bumpy roads and if you don't mind driving at less than 30kmph on the National highway, 6 hours of...
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My awesome life - Ningning Niumai

ningning_niumai_home At home!
​Where do I begin? Should I start from the very beginning? I've got a terrible headache and I'm half asleep right now. I don't know what I'm doing but I guess this is the fun part about blogging. The Freedom of Speech! duh.. its the 14th February and here i am blogging away while my best of friends are out on dates!! IITians on the dating business,...
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Ningning Niumai
11 November 2016
I have been driving since 2006. Yes, it's been 10 years now. I started driving without a Driving License like everyone, no points for guessing. My first drive was my sister's Maruti Zen in Hyderabad and the passion for driving escalated within no tim...
Ningning Niumai
30 October 2016
Before you start on using Tinder, know that Indian girls use Tinder and recommend it to their girl friends just for the sheer joy of rejecting Indian men. How do we match and get ahead of this "game" where the Indian problem of a surplus men is real?...
Ningning Niumai
17 February 2014
I bought my macbook pro in the 2nd semester of my first year at IIT Delhi, 2009. Among the very first few who proudly owes and love flaunting it in the campus. I have had a long history of over 6 years with Windows laptops and trust me, macbook pro i...
Ningning Niumai
29 January 2013
I hope this doesn't catch the eye of the IIT Delhi authorities or create a stir and get me into trouble – DISCO, the kids here love to call that. IIT Delhi authorities could give a DISCO happily for just posting a picture on facebook!! For all I care...