Imphal, Manipur – A desperate cry

THJC-MANIPUR-FUEL Photo Courtesy: TheHindu

A bomb blast killing a young girl and injuring 5 others in the capital city of Imphal the other day didn't make the headlines anywhere in India. It's heartbreaking to see that the media and the government have left my people high and dry.

A city surrounded by seven scenic hills is a beautiful valley and we called it Imphal. It is a unique city with over 40 dialects spoken by all the different tribes in different localities/area of Imphal while Manipuri is the official language. Imphal has an awesome weather conditions and the adjacent hilly areas are known for some few species of plants and animals that are not found elsewhere in the world. The capital city, Imphal is populated by the Manipuris (Meiteis) while the tribals occupy hardly 10-15% of the Imphal city. Food, culture and tradition is extremely different from the rest of the country.

I was at home in Imphal, Manipur during the month of December, 2011 to celebrate Christmas with my love and near ones and its disturbing to learn that the people of Manipur have lost faith in the government completely, be it BJP or Congress or any political party for that matter. The Indian media have ignored and abandoned the people too. Three powerful bomb blasts took placed in December 2011 alone with one blowing off about 100m away from my car while I was driving back from the airport. I had gone to pick up my sister who had just come back from Hyderabad.

Prices of commodity have rocketed sky high even 2-3 months after the 3 months blockade ended which was called by the Kuki tribe demanding a separate district while the Nagas demanded that the Kuki's demand be not met at all cost. The Chief Minister, O. Ibobi Singh was more than happy to sign the papers. I believe it was his plan to give another districthood to the Kukis all along. Talk about politics. Young men dying, old men talking.

Anyways, it is beyond my narrative or writing skills to express how pathetic life has become in Imphal!! I would like to share this video showcasing how the people of Manipur desperately needs India's voice and attention. You are utmost welcome to share your opinion and raise your voice wherever and whenever possible.


This video was shot on 24th morning, 2011 December at around 7:00am in Imphal, Manipur using my cellphone Nokia C5 as people lined up to buy petrol for a maximum allowance of Rs 500 per car @ Rs 67 per litre. The cost of petrol in the black market is Rs 180-250! I know my narration is shitty. Thank You in advance for not commenting about it :D 

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