And there goes my first blind date!

blind_dating_iitian Courtesy: Singleinthecity

"I don't think I can see you again. I wish all the very best in life. Btw, your million dollar idea is safe with me."

I responded to her SMS with a simple smiling smiley ":)" and that was the last I ever heard from her again. Yes, it was great while it lasted. How long did it last? Approximately 4 hours and 47 minutes.

My First blind dateGirls are the best wingman and one of my good old friend, Nitya introduced me to one of her best friends, Sonali. Yes, to repair her laptop that broke down a week after she paid Rs 1500 at Nehru Place to fix it. Sweet… laced with honey. Everything starts with a favour when it comes to my friends introducing a girl. She's from JNU and was just about a 10 minutes drive away. A couple of days and a few facebook messages, she gave me her number without being asked and I thought, "she's awesome" to myself.

Friday, a few days later: I was nervous!! Perhaps because I have never really had a blind date before or perhaps because I was out with the boys earlier and wasn't dressed for the "occasion". In short, I was at my worst: a white Louis Philippe shirt, black Woodland shorts and my favourite Nike slippers. As I reached her hostel, I saw her from a distance and my heart skipped. Dressed in blue jeans, black tees and matching sandals. She turned around, our eyes met and not being dramatic but I almost lose control of my car. Yes, she's not bad at all in person ;)

We greeted and drove around the campus stopping at NorthEast dabha for a cup of ginger tea. Went to the infamous PSR Rock of JNU, watched the couples in the dark as they count the night stars like the young teenage couples in my college hiding away. I guess we all have our naughty childish sides in opportune moments. We just sat there and talked like as though we've been friends for a long time.

For no particular reason, she wanted to go to India Gate! A long drive with a future potential girlfriend. Why not, right? I don't remember much of what we talked about! Perhaps, it's the tips from Charlie Sheen. A few keywords in between her sentences and reply as though I understood everything hehe.. She did mentioned about being not ready for another relationship. She had broken up with her boyfriend of over 2 years a few weeks ago and was an emotional wreck. Perhaps, I should have care to think how or what must be going through her. Everything's a learning experience. She still had feelings for him and her facebook had his picture with "I miss him" written all over it. I should have known. She's not the prettiest of the girls I've been with but she's got a charm that one gets drawn to. She smiles and the world inside of you smiles along. She's beautiful in her own ways.

I wasn't expecting anything to turn around that night anyways. I had broken up with my girlfriend the week before and needed to clear my head. She was perfect. I had a great time and dropped her off to her hostel around 4 in the morning.

I was thinking of asking her out again in the coming weeks but my schedule was beyond tight for anything fancy. We kept in touch over the course of time through SMS and facebook messages. I thought it was going great. I don't know what happened! Her first impression of me was probably her last or she found someone else better or to put it in my friend's word, "You reminded of her boyfriend and he's obviously way better than you". We laughed. Deep down, I was hurt a little, told myself, "Life isn't fair to have not gotten a second chance with her. I wasn't at my best. She could have been mine." 

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