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My Resume Format

I must have edited and designed over 10 Resume in the last 4-5 years for friends from college and elswhere. It's not an easy task to compress so much information in a page or two but favour is a favour and one has to help a friend in need.

My team started this project as a way to help with the growing need for a well formatted Resume that doesn't look just good but create a resume with great content at an affordable price. A resume cost about Rs 100 in the current market but they are as good as the ones in MS Word templates. There wasn't a resume that made us go WOW even for the ones that cost Rs 5000 or more!

And that's where we jumped in; give the users pre-formatted text that learns itself using Artificial Intelligence and then generated a resume that would make your potential employer go WOW... 

We have been beta testing our product, for a couple of weeks now and feel we are on the right path to achieve what we initially set out to do. Exciting times ahead, indeed :)

You could have your resume made within minutes and choose any of the 4 resume formats, all for free, no hidden cost. It takes a few minutes to complete and generate a resume in PDF format. Yes, just minutes. Our AI enabled resume building suggests all the big words and phrases for you so you can do what's important; get that dream job.

Our beta users are heavily recommending it to their friends and colleagues. The analytics software showing it as an all organic growth makes it a huge-huge encouragement too. Our site's Alexa ranking stands at about 55k as of today in India. This is barely just a month or two after first launching for beta testing. About 20-50 Resumes are generated and downloaded on a daily basis currently. 

Have a look and give a shout out to us if you find a bug (paid membership guaranteed when we launch it) or for a feature that you feel is absolutely essential. We love to hear from you:



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