Making a wooden cradle for my nephew in JNU, Delhi


I've been blessed with a third nephew, Joey and pretty much like his uncle, the naughty blood runs through his veins. He loves to crawl and my sister was a little worried that he might get hurt and thus wanted a cradle. Put him behind bars if that doesn't sound politically incorrect. A well built cradle made of wood cost nothing less than Rs 20,000 INR and somehow I felt I could get it done myself. I've made several almirahs and other carpentry wood work at home in Imphal before.

The weekend finally arrived and I drove out to Munirka, South Delhi to buy wood and equipment. Sizes of wood required were already drawn and measured, carpentry equipment was easily available and its actually cheaper than in Imphal. Work began the next morning at my sister's place in JNU. People gathered around to ask and see what I was upto. The kids in the neighbourhood were even more curious. Jethro, now 5 years old brought his friends along as they discussed about how I'm making a prison for the naughty kids to be kept as punishment. The news spread and many more kids came to see if they could jump out or find a loophole in the system. They discussed about the strength and how it won't hold against them. Overheard a kid saying, "My dad will come to rescue me and he will beat your uncle". Tired but a great day to remember as I spent listening to the young stories while at the same time, cutting and cleaning the wood.

The next day, the frames were cut in its measured sizes and by the end of the day, I had it assembled with the help of my brother. By now, my body was aching, my right arm was cramped and I was thoroughly exhausted. However, to see the completed project is a time well spent. Ever felt that awesome feeling when you've done something with your life? Well, I did and the spoilt was enjoyed by my nephew as he slept peacefully in the new cradle with toys and balloons hanging.

Day three was suppose to be spent on painting but due to Holi, a colourful festival of the Hindus, all shops were closed for two consecutive days. My nephew couldn't wait further and therefore has already taken shelter. It is still not being painted. Will have to do it sometime next weekend or the next or the next-next weekend LOL

The total cost estimate was Rs 2,550 which includes all the carpentry equipment, nails, screws, sand-paper, wood and plywood. 

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